Woojer Creates Haptic Harmonies to Feel Music and SoundThe biggest draw to being at a concert, club or cranking your stereo to eleven is the feel of the sound banging into your body and the complete immersion in the experience. Woojer has found a way to take that experience with you anywhere with haptic feedback, changing the way we listen to music.

Woojer is a very small wearable audio accessory that lets the wearer feel the sound from their audio source through perceptual haptic feedback inference. It works by clipping Woojer to the clothes at either the sternum or base of the spine and then connecting Woojer in-line between the music player, gaming system, television or other audio device and the headset. Woojer converts the music or sound into harmonic haptics that convinces the brain of complete immersion and the sensation is felt over the whole body. Woojer will work with any device that uses a standard 3.5 mm audio jack, is completely quiet to people around the user and the rechargeable internal battery will last for four hours or longer.

Woojer has other applications including working with the hearing impaired and deaf giving everyone the physical opportunity to feel sound of any kind and with three adjustable levels. Woojer is targeting a mid-2014 release and you can be one of the first to grab one for a discount off the 99-dollar estimated retail price by checking out their Kickstarter campaign.

Check it out: Woojer