Your New Drinking Buddy is Hank the Beer TankYour world is going mobile and your keg fridge is missing out on the fun. If it is going to hang out with you at the next beer drinking gathering, it is going to need a nametag; let’s call it, “Hank”.

Hank the Beer Tank is a portable keg refrigerator that takes draft beer on the road for any event, outing or even food truck. The system uses a multi-voltage AC/DC compressor chiller that can draw power from traditional outlets or automotive receptacles and operates on the equivalent power of a sixty-watt lightbulb. Hank can carry 1/6th barrel or five-gallon Cornelius homebrew kegs with enough space left inside to hold up to three 24-ounce CO2 tanks. The keg is evenly cooled with circulation blowers and the temperature can be precisely controlled with a digital thermostat for the perfect pour every time.

Hank is smaller and portable than most keg refrigerators, but it is still an appliance, so it need to be cleaned and kept out of the water and rain. Hank the Beer Tank is expected in early 2016 and will retail for an estimated 750 bucks.

Check it out: Hank the Beer Tank