Your Next NVIDIA GTX Titan Supercomputer Gaming RigGamers like me are always looking to improve the quality of our game-play and a big factor is graphics quality. When we build our rigs, we have visions of our own supercomputer, like the Titan at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

NVIDIA has a new offering that bears the same name, the recently released GeForce GTX Titan GPU. This thing’s a beast. It goes to eleven! The PCI Express 3.0 card is based on the fast and efficient high performance computing Kepler architecture that lets you crank the settings on any game to maximum frame rates with 288 GB/s of memory bandwidth. It has all the NVIDIA technologies like FXAA for smooth lines, TXAA antialiasing, PhysX and GPU Boost 2.0 giving you control to run the GPU at its highest frame rate. It also uses SLI technology that allows you to link up to three GeForce GTX Titans together for the ultimate gaming rig.

The Titan stays cool using extended fins and something they call, “vapor chamber technology” that promises the only thing losing its cool during your next gaming session will be you. Finally, the Titan is enclosed in a cast aluminum and liquid magnesium alloy case that will look great in you next rig. However, if you want the power, you’ll have to pay for it; the Titan is hitting the shelves with a 1000-dollar price tag.

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