No More Cold Coffee with the Nano Heated Wireless Mug

  Enjoying a hot cup of coffee while it is still warm is not always as relaxing as it should be. The Nano Heated Wireless Mug will keep your coffee warm between all the distractions you face when you just need a coffee break. The sixteen-ounce insulated Nano Heated Wireless Mug uses an internal heating system to keep the beverage contents at a perfect drinking temperature for up to forty-five minutes. The heating system is a small disc element built into the bottom of the mug that uses, "NanoHeat" technology to transfer heat through the stainless steel interior of the mug keeping the contents at a perfect 155 degrees Fahrenheit. Power [...]

Touch-N-Fill Automates Coffee Machine Water Fills

  My morning coffee might be the most important beverage I have all day so when it comes to making a fresh pot, anything that simplifies the process around the coffee machine and rushes that wonderful elixir to my mug, "perks" my interest. Touch-N-Fill is a convenience upgrade to most household coffee machines that automates filling the water reservoir. Touch-N-Fill uses a quick connect tee installed on your refrigerator's water line requiring only a pair of scissors to cut the line for installation. The system uses a control valve that monitors the amount of time the valve is open, closing when the fill is complete and it is adjustable to meet [...]