CaddieON Gives Golfers a Caddie on Their Smart Device

  Getting serious about your golf game means keeping accurate score, recording distances, club selection and all kinds of game metrics frustrating the four-some behind you. CaddieON lets you focus on just your game, handling the details for you. CaddieON is a golf toolset that combines a wearable wrist device, a smartphone application and individual club RFID tags to track the details of every shot while on the course. It only takes a minute to set up the system, just insert the tags into the top to the club grip, select the course, power up the wrist device and you are ready to hit the links. The wrist device looks like [...]

Learn Proper Golf Swing Mechanics with a Golf-X-Cube

  Golfers wanting to improve their game through training aids will have no problem finding plenty of options and at every price level. Golf-X-Cube is an inexpensive, portable and reliable low-tech golf swing trainer teaching your body proper swing mechanics. Golf-X-Cube is a golf swing trainer that does not interface with an app and it never requires power, only an inserted tee securing it to the turf. The tool is simply placed between the ball and the feet so that it lines up in the stance with the golfer's eye-line. When in the ready swing position, a golfer will only see the top green cover. With Golf-X-Cubes unique shape, any incorrect [...]