GasWatch Keeps an Eye on Your Propane Supply

  Check It Out or Buy on Amazon (Paid Link)   It is hard to be disappointed at a BBQ, unless you flip the lid of your grill and see your half-cooked food sitting without a flame underneath. With GasWatch, you could potentially never run out of propane again. GasWatch is a scale that works with most common propane tanks to let you know when your tank is running low. The scale can be used on any flat surface or even inside the grill cabinet and uses a Bluetooth connection to par it with a smart device application. Once GasWatch is in place and the tank [...]

Lynx Smart Grill Combines Grilling with Smart Device Control

  Check It Out or Buy on Amazon (Paid Link)   Guys are serious about their technology toys and their skills at the grill. Combining the two was only a matter of time with the Lynx Smart Grill. The Lynx Smart Grill looks like a premium modern patio grill with all the extras. The grilling surface is a huge 877 square-inch cooking area with four independent brass-burner cooking zones, variable infrared sear technology and a half-spit rotisserie system. This grill does not just sit on your patio; it connects to your wireless network to access an online database for optimizing grill cook times for a variety [...]