A Simple Touch Brightens Their Day with Filimin

  We all use non-verbal ways of communicating everyday whether we realize it or not. A simple head nod, a smile and with Filimin, a little light to brighten someone's day. Filimin is a Wi-Fi enabled table lamp that responds to a person's touch, glowing in one color from hundreds of color options. The idea behind Filimin is that when one person touches their lamp, other Filimins in the connected circle of Filimins glows, no matter where the unit is located in the world. With a simple touch, you can let friends and family know that you are free to talk, that you are finally home or that you are thinking [...]

Candles Get Colorful and Interactive with PLAYBULB

  Check It Out or Buy on Amazon (Paid Link)   There is no denying that even one lit candle can change the ambiance of any occasion from ordinary to warm and inviting. PLAYBULB is a colorful replacement to regular candles offering lighting options in a portable and interactive package. PLAYBULB is a fun twist on the traditional candle using thirty-milliwatt LED lights and an Android or iOS application to glow in any color you choose. Setting up the candle is as easy as inserting three AA batteries, flipping the power switch and then connecting through Bluetooth to your smart device. With the free application, color, [...]