Send One-Touch Emergency Alerts with Silent Beacon

  Emergencies happen every day, which is why having a lifeline device is critical to getting help. Silent Beacon provides that personal emergency alert notification without expensive contracts, activation and monthly service fees. Silent Beacon is a wearable alert device that works in conjunction with an iOS or Android smartphone providing one-touch notification in any emergency. The unit uses Bluetooth to connect with the application and on activation, can provide location details and send mass text and email to a list of contacts, and notify emergency services. Caretakers of the elderly or persons with a medical condition and parents of young children can also see the exact location of the device [...]

Trax GPS Locator Keeps Tabs on Kids and Pets

  Check It Out or Buy on Amazon (Paid Link)   If your pets like to explore on their own and without permission or maybe you just want the peace of mind of knowing where your kids are then a GPS tracker is a perfect solution. You can find the things you care about most with a Trax GPS locator. Trax is a very small one-and-a-half by two-inch GPS locator that can be attached to children, pets or just about anything to determine the exact location within one-and-a-half to three meters. Once the unit is paired to your Trax account through an easy three-step process, each [...]