iRig Mic HD Turns iOS Devices into Recording Studios

  Check It Out or Buy on Amazon (Paid Link)   Recording a jam session or field interview on your phone will give you file portability but at the expense of sound quality. A new microphone from IK Multimedia promises high quality recording on your mobile device. iRig Mic HD is a hand-held digital condenser microphone that works with iOS products to capture studio quality sound on your mobile device. Setting up the microphone is as easy as connecting directly to your pad or phone with an included USB cable. The microphone first filters any received signal through a high-definition, audiophile grade preamp then through an [...]

The Credit Card Sized Micro-Phone Backup Cell Phone

  We have all done it, left the house without our technology leashes on. Our mobile life and the way we communicate have become such a standard that not having your phone can actually make you panic. For that reason, having a small, inexpensive second mini card cell phone can come in handy. That is the thinking behind the Micro-Phone mini card cell phone, a phone that is almost the size of a credit card. It works with any global system for mobile communications network and is small enough to fit in a commonly carried item like a purse or wallet. The Micro-Phone is not a smart phone, it is a [...]