Never Miss a Skateboard Trick Again with Syrmo

  You just pulled the perfect skateboard trick and no one was around to see it, leaving you with a, "so there I was" story. Syrmo skateboard tracker never misses a trick and is coming along for the ride on your next skate session. Syrmo is a motion tracker that discretely attaches like any riser pad between the deck and truck of your board. It uses Bluetooth to send information to a smartphone application and tracks stats like session time, number of tricks, airtime, pop force, height and distance. The application can then visually represent the data with a 3D rendering of the trick that you can show and share on [...]

Shark Wheel is a Reinvented Square Skateboard Wheel

  Check It Out or Buy on Amazon (Paid Link)   Reinventing the wheel has always been just an idiom, until now. The Shark Wheel being developed in Los Angeles is a new product for skateboarding that produces a smooth ride and amazing grip. The Shark Wheel almost looks like someone is playing a joke on you; it looks like a square. By altering a circle so that it is a helix shape when viewed from the side, and a square from the top, the Shark Wheel is actually a round surface that produces sine wave contact with the surface. The result is a wheel that [...]