StormTag Personal Weather Prediction with a Global Purpose

  If you are an amateur weather enthusiast, StormTag wants your help in a two-year project to collect climate information for better prediction models and act as your personal weather station. StormTag is a small weather station that can be attached to key chains, jackets, backpacks or anything you take with you outdoors. The device can monitor temperature, barometric pressure, humidity and UV index for accurate conditions at your exact location. The collected weather metrics are sent by Bluetooth to a smart device application for personal use and then also anonymously sent to the cloud for use by the climate-mapping project. StormTag is waterproof and the internal coin-cell battery will last [...]

Thermodo is Your Personal and Portable Weather Station

  Check It Out or Buy on Amazon (Paid Link)   When you check the temperature on your phone, you are relying mostly on a weather station that could be miles from where you are. If you want an accurate thermometer reading, you are going to want a Thermodo from Robocat. Thermodo is a small temperature sensor thermometer that you can clip on to your keys and take with you anywhere. When you want to check the temperature exactly where you are at, you can plug Thermodo into your audio jack and the temperature will be measured instantly. It seems simple enough but this little accessory [...]