IK Multimedia

iRing Offers Simple Touchless Mobile Device Music Control

  Check It Out or Buy on Amazon (Paid Link)   Most gesture control devices have targeted Bluetooth wireless communications, while others, like the new iRing, have gone basic using the mobile camera to provide affordable touchless control to mobile applications. iRing is a motion detection method that combines a two-sided ring and an app for your mobile device giving DJs and musicians touchless control of their MIDI programs. The ring is actually placed between the fingers so that the dot patterns on the ring are different on either hand. The application uses the device forward or rear camera to detect the position of the dot [...]

Get Your Groove On Anywhere with GrooveMaker

  Creating a music bed or loop anywhere at any time just got a lot easier with the introduction of GrooveMaker, an iOS application that gives techno-musicians a portable music mixing studio right on their smart device. GrooveMaker looks like most multi-track music mixing programs at first; once you start using the app, you quickly realize how easy it is to mix a loop. GrooveMaker lets the musician pick from one to eight tracks and using the grid format quickly change up the loop just by moving the blocks in the track to select different grooves of each sound. Each individual block can be manipulated in the pad view changing the [...]

iRig Mic HD Turns iOS Devices into Recording Studios

  Check It Out or Buy on Amazon (Paid Link)   Recording a jam session or field interview on your phone will give you file portability but at the expense of sound quality. A new microphone from IK Multimedia promises high quality recording on your mobile device. iRig Mic HD is a hand-held digital condenser microphone that works with iOS products to capture studio quality sound on your mobile device. Setting up the microphone is as easy as connecting directly to your pad or phone with an included USB cable. The microphone first filters any received signal through a high-definition, audiophile grade preamp then through an [...]