Seatylock Transforms Bike Seats into Bike Security

  Bicycle locks come in many varieties, shapes and sizes and almost all of them have one thing in common: they are hard to transport while riding. Seatylock is the lock that becomes part of your bike, and makes securing your bike a snap when the ride is over. Seatylock is a hardened-steel bike lock that stores conveniently under the bike seat, unfolding to a meter in length and securing your ride in about thirty seconds. Seatylock uses a universal seat post adapter making installation a simple process and has been designed to make replacing a worn seat just as simple down the road. The lock components are rustproof hardened steel [...]

The Noke Padlock Secures Your Stuff with a Smart Key

  Check It Out or Buy on Amazon (Paid Link)   If you have something to secure, there is a good chance that on the outside of that case, locker or storage unit, is a padlock. Noke will do everything that lock can do without keys or remembering a combination. Noke is the next evolution in padlock design that works by using Bluetooth and a smart device application to secure your stuff. Unlocking Noke is as easy as giving it a squeeze, which tells the lock to look for a smart device with the right key and if detected, the lock opens. The application can also [...]

The Extremely Strong Foldylock Rethinks Bicycle Lock Design

  Check It Out or Buy on Amazon (Paid Link)   Bike locks come in several varieties from u-shape to long cables, and they are all bulky and awkward to store on your bike. A new idea in bicycle security, the Foldylock, gives riders the assurance they need in a convenient package. The Foldylock is a bicycle lock that folds down into a small package and mounts to the bicycle frame using a vibration and rattle-free case. When unfolded, the lock is about a yard in length giving riders enough extension to secure their bicycle wherever their adventure takes them. Foldylock is constructed using six hardened [...]