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Master Mixology with The Barman Drink Mixing Platform

  Most of us can figure out how to mix a rum and Coke but do you know how to mix a Manhattan or a Cosmopolitan? John Gallagher is about to introduce The Barman to get you on the road to mastering mixology. The Barman is a drink mixing platform that uses differential weight to guide you through mixing any drink you desire. It uses a smartphone app that knows hundreds of drinks and communicates with the phone through Bluetooth. To use The Barman, place any glass on the platform, select a drink and follow the indicator on the [...]

The Dragonfly Aerial Vehicle is Your Own Secret Spy Drone

  When trying to raise money for a Kickstarter project and the United States Air Force comes along and gives you one million dollars, you know you have a good idea. In addition, The Dragonfly mini drone will not be limited to the military; consumers can get their hands on one too. The Dragonfly mini drone is a palm size aerial vehicle that can be controlled and programmed through a smartphone application. It works by using brushless motors through a patented continuous variable transmission to flap the wings and stay airborne. The power for the unit comes from a [...]

Put Down Your Phone and Stay Connected with the EMBRACE+

  How many times have you been out with friends and everyone is constantly peeking at their cell phone to see if they've missed something. Wouldn't it be easier if something could notify you? That’s the thinking behind the EMBRACE+. EMBRACE+ is a smart notification bracelet that ties to your smartphone through a downloadable app. It comes in three shapes that are inspired by precious gemstones, including topaz, beryl and opal. Each band is just a few millimeters thick and the goal of the final project is to be waterproof to five atmospheres. In its resting state, the band [...]

Your Coffee Table Becomes a Runway with the Carbon Butterfly

  If you are looking for a stress buster, go fly a plane. The Carbon Butterfly is a ready to fly remote controlled model airplane developed by Planrite Trading Company as a, "living room flyer." The Carbon Butterfly model airplane comes in a well-padded aluminum case and is even tested at the shop before it is shipped. All you have to do is toss in four AA batteries and your coffee table becomes a runway as you take to the skies of your living room or office. The aircraft is constructed from carbon fiber and Mylar making it incredibly [...]

The Oculus Rift 3D Stereoscopic Virtual Reality Gaming Headset

  Check It Out or Buy on   Your gaming experience is about to change forever. In April of 2013, Oculus VR will begin shipping the developer kit of their Oculus Rift gaming headset to game companies for integration into their titles while Oculus VR works to get the consumer version on the market. So let's check it out! The Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset that is being developed specifically for gaming and with the focus of being affordable for the consumer. It will connect to your computer through a DVI [...]

The Wikipad Tablet is Built for Mobile Gaming Entertainment

  Have you ever wanted a gamepad controller for your tablet? Wikipad is bringing it to you this spring and will change the mobile gaming market. Wikipad is really two devices in one package. At the core is a 7-inch Android tablet that weighs about 11 ounces and has everything you would expect in a small tablet. It runs on the NVIDIA Tegra mobile quad-core processor, the 16:10 ratio High-Definition screen is five-point touch for quick typing, it has 16 gigabytes of flash memory that is expandable through a Micro SD card, a 2-megapixel camera and even GPS. The [...]

The OUYA Gaming Console Designed for Gamers, Devs and Hackers

  Can you imagine an open source and open hardware video gaming console designed with gamers, developers and even hackers in mind? You won’t have to image long with OUYA. The OUYA gaming console is about the size of a coffee cup and runs apps on any television using Android 4.0. All of the games are absolutely free to try-out and play; if you like the game, you can buy the full version. In addition, the console is very affordable, under 100 bucks for the unit and a wireless controller. Don’t let the OUYA size fool you, it’s powerful [...]