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Monsieur Robotic Bartender Frees You Up to Enjoy the Party

  Admit it; you are just a bit jealous of your friends Kegerator. Just imagine how they will feel when you introduce them to your Monsieur, a robotic bartender that can mix any cocktail, anytime with just the touch of a button. Right out of the box, the Monsieur Robotic Bartender can mix up to three hundred different cocktails and pour up to one-hundred fifty drinks by selecting your favorite drink from an elegantly designed interface setting the strength from light to, "boss" and touching the panel to order. The system uses airtight and dishwasher safe canisters that hold [...]

Petcube for Happy Furry Friends when Away From Home

  Check It Out or Buy on   Getting a webcam so you can check in on your furry friends while you are at work or on vacation lets you see them, but if you want to interact with them, you will probably want to get a Petcube. Petcube lets you talk, listen and even interact with your pet when you are away from home. The small aluminum case design can be placed anywhere, even mounted on a wall, however you will probably want to choose somewhere higher and with a good view [...]

Kapture for Those Have To Be There Moments

  We have all been there, hanging out with friends, maybe even over a few beers, when someone says something that is so amazing it has to be remembered. But, what exactly did they say? Kapture is a new wristband voice recorder that is always on and recording so you never miss a moment again. The Kapture wristband is very easy to use, just strap it on and go about your day. The device uses an omnidirectional solid-state microphone that is constantly recording the last sixty seconds of sounds and conversations going on around you. When you or someone [...]

Go Beyond Visibility with the Fos Wearable Display System

  The best way to stay safe when biking or running at night is to light yourself up. The wearable Fos fabric LED armband display system will make you visible and if you want, your message seen. Fos is a wearable fabric patch LED armband display system that uses Velcro to affix where you want it and with super bright LEDs to make the wearer visible. The Fos fabric system is designed to be very light, thin run up to 4 hours on a charge and also has Bluetooth connectivity. Using a smartphone app, wearers can take control of [...]

Shockingly Alert Gameplay with the Headset

  If you enjoy gaming like twitch shooters that require you to be focused and on your game all the time, the gaming headset might be your shocking scientific alternative to energy drinks. The headset uses transcranial Direct Current Stimulation to send electricity into your frontal lobe making your synapses fire faster. It is like over-clocking your brain. Gamers place the headset so that the electrodes are positioned above the prefrontal cortex and then set the stimulation level. The device has a default setting of one milliamp for ten minutes with a startup crescendo to ease you [...]

The Virtuix Omni is the Next Virtual Reality Step

  Virtual reality is taking the next step, and it's bringing you along. The Omni game controller by Virtuix will let gamers walk, run and jump in their favorite games freeing them from being seated in front of a keyboard. Omni is not your typical game controller. It works by using special shoes that have a small plunger pin on the toe and a low friction surface that is grooved for the pins. Gamers don their virtual reality head mounted display, like the Oculus Rift, step onto the Omni and strap in. Movements made on the Omni are translated [...]

Perfect Panoramic Captures Using the BubblePod

  If you have ever tried to take a 360 degree, "bubble" panoramic camera picture with your smart phone, you know how difficult it can be. A simple new product from BubblePix will make taking a perfect panorama shot the first time. The BubblePod is a very basic, easy to use smartphone clip that increases the chance of matching the vertical position of a panoramic camera shot with very little error correction. BubblePod does not require batteries; you start by winding the device with a twist. Operation of the device is simple enough, clip your smartphone in the holder, [...]

Play Guitar Anywhere with the Zivix JamStik

  Check It Out or Buy on   Sometimes, you just gotta jam. If you love to play the guitar or are wanting to learn, the new JamStik from Zivix is a highly portable smart guitar that takes the frustration out of learning letting you play music anywhere. JamStik is a fifteen-inch long portable smart guitar that connects with your iDevice turning your iDevice into a real musical instrument. It works by using a patented infrared sensing fret board to precisely detect the position of a fingertip and track your movements. When combined [...]

The Piq Jukebox Brings Social Music Play to Gatherings

  When you go to a party, everyone has to listen to the music the host chooses, and please, do not touch the stereo! Piq is going to change that making everyone in the room with a smartphone the DJ. Piq is a small social jukebox that you connect to your music system and with a downloadable app, anyone in the room can pick, or, "Piq" their favorite song to play. Using the app is simple enough, connect to your music service or bring up your stored music, select a song and the song is added to the playlist. [...]