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iStick Finally Solves USB File Transfer to iDevices

  Transferring a file from a PC to an iPad is a hassle: finding the cord, synchronizing with iTunes; I just wanted to transfer a single file! iStick has fixed this problem developing the first USB flash drive for Apple products. iStick is on one side a typical flash drive with a standard USB 2.0 connection usable with personal computers. By sliding the selector switch, the drive becomes usable in iDevices with the Apple Lightning Connector. File transfer on the iDevice is handled by a free application, or the file can be opened directly from the iStick saving space on the device. The iStick will be available in black, white, grey, [...]

iStick Finally Solves USB File Transfer to iDevices2016-10-12T08:42:46-06:00

iRing Offers Simple Touchless Mobile Device Music Control

  Check It Out or Buy on Amazon (Paid Link)   Most gesture control devices have targeted Bluetooth wireless communications, while others, like the new iRing, have gone basic using the mobile camera to provide affordable touchless control to mobile applications. iRing is a motion detection method that combines a two-sided ring and an app for your mobile device giving DJs and musicians touchless control of their MIDI programs. The ring is actually placed between the fingers so that the dot patterns on the ring are different on either hand. The application uses the device forward or rear camera to detect the position of the dot [...]

iRing Offers Simple Touchless Mobile Device Music Control2017-05-30T10:23:55-06:00

Experience Desktop Computing Anywhere with Sphinx Stand

  Tablets are fantastic tools but they still fall short when it comes to several productivity applications; for some tasks, you just need to be at a computer. Sphinx is a new docking station stand that is bridging the mobile gap providing a desktop computing experience and making productivity possible with your tablet, anywhere. Sphinx is a portable docking station that not only gives users a desktop computing experience by enabling mouse and keyboard inputs, it also allows access to remote and cloud desktop applications. Using the stand requires a free receiver program, Dock2Office, to be installed on the user's laptop or desktop computer. The stand unfolds and sets up in [...]

Experience Desktop Computing Anywhere with Sphinx Stand2016-10-12T08:42:52-06:00

Supermount F Tripod Offers Mobile Device Image Stability

  Taking a picture or video from my mobile device just got a whole lot easier with my new Supermount F, a tripod for stable photo and video shooting. The Supermount F is an extremely lightweight and small tripod designed to hold mobile devices from phones to tablets. The versatile aluminum alloy stand folds to a small size of a few inches and fits perfectly into a purse or backpack. A smart device is secured to the tripod by a padded vice-type mount and with its full swivel head and locking directional pivot, stable images can be captured, perfect panning videos can be filmed or you can use the tripod for [...]

Supermount F Tripod Offers Mobile Device Image Stability2016-10-12T08:42:52-06:00

MyTask Turns Your Phone Case into an Everyday Multi-Tool

  It does not happen often but at that moment when you need a multi-tool for a quick task, it is probably not on your person. MyTask turns your iPhone case into a multi-tool specifically designed for everyday activities. MyTask is a tough 440C stainless steel and polycarbonate case for the iPhone that hides a complete set of tools adding only six-millimeters thickness compared to a typical case. Each of the three initially offered cases contains tools matching lifestyle activities and potential situations encountered on a daily basis where having a multi-tool would be very convenient. The Urban-style case has everything for the busy professional including a screwdriver, scissors, a memory [...]

MyTask Turns Your Phone Case into an Everyday Multi-Tool2016-10-12T08:42:54-06:00

CalypsoTag Protects Your Luggage when Traveling

Even with the changes in airport security, thieves still find a way to walk off with luggage creating problems for travelers everywhere. CalypsoTag is a different kind of luggage tag that will safeguard your personal effects when on the road. CalypsoTag uses Bluetooth to bind with a smart device giving travelers an invisible leash to their luggage and possessions. Once attached to your luggage, purse, backpack or other travel items, CalypsoTag will remember where it is at and if it is moved without your permission will alert your smart device. The unit has a range of up to 200 feet and using the Chipolo app, travelers can get alerts tracking their [...]

CalypsoTag Protects Your Luggage when Traveling2017-05-30T11:42:06-06:00