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ShockStop Handlebar Suspension is a Road Impact Buzzkill

  Fork and seat post suspension systems have changed the riding experience for road racers and casual cruisers alike. ShockStop is the final piece to a total bicycle shock absorber system, further reducing impact forces by seventy percent. ShockStop is a bicycle shock absorber system that can be installed in a matter of minutes between the stem and handlebars, almost eliminating shock to the rider's wrists, arms and shoulders. Like other shock systems on the bicycle, ShockStop is adjustable allowing the rider to tune the stiffness based on terrain or personal riding comfort. The single pivot system uses sealed cartridge bearings and forged aluminum components so it is durable, lightweight and [...]

QuadshoX Adds Suspension to Manual Wheelchairs

  Power wheelchairs usually have a suspension system to counter the weight of the chair. As it turns out, most manual chairs do not, and that was the inspiration behind QuadshoX. QuadshoX is a rear-wheel suspension system for manual wheelchairs that removes the constant jarring for the person using it. The system is a retrofit to the chair so it will not affect the wheelchair manufacturer's warranty and is also easy enough to install so that any caregiver or distributor representative can perform the upgrade. Once installed, the system transfers the inadequate suspension that depended on the wheel to absorb shock to the QuadshoX, resulting in a very smooth ride for [...]

Automatic Mechanical Bicycle Tire Inflation with Pump Hub

  Every time I go for a ride, I check my tire pressure. It is a hassle, but I know it prevents flats, damage to the tires and gives me a better ride. Pump Hub is an innovative idea that will soon give me one less thing to worry about when I hit the road. Pump Hub is a mechanical air pump inside the wheel hub that uses tire rotation to inflate and maintain desired wheel pressure. The system can be installed on most bike and wheelchair wheels and is adjustable from 40 to 125 psi, covering almost every riding condition from singletrack to road racing. Riders activate the system by [...]

The All-Terrain Storm E-Bike goes Fifty Miles on a Charge

  There have been several ideas and prototypes for e-bikes in recent years and now, it looks like there is a Storm coming later this year. Storm is an e-bike with big backing that could make it a widely available product by the end of the year. The most eye-catching part of Storm is the all-terrain wheels giving the bike dominance over sand, snow and rocky terrain while providing a smooth riding experience. Those wheels can be powered by pedaling or by Storm's 350-watt gear motor that can propel the bike at up to twenty miles per hour. The motor draws its power from a swappable lithium ion battery pack giving [...]

WingLights Provide Side-Profile Visibility for Bicyclists

  Check It Out or Buy on Amazon (Paid Link)   Cyclists who ride at night know the importance of being seen, using a headlight to light the way and a rear light for approaching traffic. WingLights are the final illuminating safety idea, giving your bicycle running lights on the handlebars. WingLights are very bright amber LED bike lights that provide side-profile high visibility for bicyclists riding in low-light conditions, improving safety. The lights snap into place on the end of the handlebars in just a few seconds and are built tough inside a shock and waterproof aluminum case for all biking conditions. The energy efficient [...]

Seatylock Transforms Bike Seats into Bike Security

  Bicycle locks come in many varieties, shapes and sizes and almost all of them have one thing in common: they are hard to transport while riding. Seatylock is the lock that becomes part of your bike, and makes securing your bike a snap when the ride is over. Seatylock is a hardened-steel bike lock that stores conveniently under the bike seat, unfolding to a meter in length and securing your ride in about thirty seconds. Seatylock uses a universal seat post adapter making installation a simple process and has been designed to make replacing a worn seat just as simple down the road. The lock components are rustproof hardened steel [...]

Check Your Tire Pressure Anytime with FOBO Tire

  Check It Out or Buy on Amazon (Paid Link)   Everyone knows that the one thing you can do every time you fill up to maximize your gas mileage is to check your tire pressure, yet most of us do not. FOBO Tire makes checking your tire pressure as easy as looking at your smart phone. FOBO Tire is a tire pressure monitoring system that mounts on each tire valve stem providing contiguous monitoring of up to twenty vehicles. Setting up the system takes about five minutes by replacing each cap with a FOBO Tire unit and then linking each unit to the smart phone [...]

FIXD Monitors Automobile Condition Through OBD

  Check It Out or Buy on Amazon (Paid Link)   The dreaded, "Check Engine" light. We all know it is important and we are optimistic it will just turn itself off. With FIXD, you will know the condition of your car right away through on-board diagnostics on your smart device. FIXD is an automotive diagnostics tool for everyday drivers who just want to know why their car is telling them it needs attention. The unit plugs into the on-board diagnostics (OBD-II) port located below your dashboard to monitor your car's performance. If a problem is detected, an application on a synced smart device will notify [...]

Customize Bicycle Bell Sound and Light with MyBell

  The last thing most of us expect to hear on a bike trial is a truck or ship horn behind us. Riders using a MyBell could use these or any sound they can think of, as a horn option. MyBell is a handlebar-mounted digital bicycle bell and light that gives riders the ability to customize with their favorite sound, song and light pattern. The system uses a water resistant USB port allowing drag and drop file transfer of up to two sound files in popular formats like MP3 and WAV, light patterns in a MIDI format and for charging the device. Once loaded and installed on the bicycle, a one-button [...]