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Hovertrax is Fun Powerful Personal Portable Transportation

  Self-balancing gyroscopic technology has spawned several innovations from the Segway to upright mobile robotics. Inventist has come up with another balancing innovation for personal portable transportation: Hovertrax. The Hovertrax uses gyroscopic technology and accelerometers to keep a person in a standing upright position while it transports them both indoors and out. Each side of the board tilts independently and based on the rider's foot movement on the platforms, they will move forward, backward, turn or circle. The system is powered by a lithium-ion battery that drives two hub motors and can be fully recharged in about an hour. It has a four mile range on a charge, a top speed [...]

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Shark Wheel is a Reinvented Square Skateboard Wheel

  Check It Out or Buy on   Reinventing the wheel has always been just an idiom, until now. The Shark Wheel being developed in Los Angeles is a new product for skateboarding that produces a smooth ride and amazing grip. The Shark Wheel almost looks like someone is playing a joke on you; it looks like a square. By altering a circle so that it is a helix shape when viewed from the side, and a square from the top, the Shark Wheel is actually a round surface that produces sine wave contact with the surface. The result is a wheel that is no [...]

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The Switch Aero System Dynamically Shifts Riding Positions

  Check It Out or Buy on   To maximize your bike ride even if you are only competing against the clock to get to work on time, you need to remove wind resistant. The new Switch Aero System from Redshift Sports will give casual riders and competitors the advantage of multiple riding positions on a single bike. The Switch Aero System on the surface seems basic enough being a platform to get into an aero position. What the system actually does is gives the rider the versatility to swap between a road position and a narrow position dynamically without stopping. The extension bars are [...]

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The Monkey Light Pro Full Wheel Display System

  Check It Out or Buy on   I can think of a few ways to turn heads while on a bike ride but the coolest way to do it is to light up your wheels. The Monkey Light Pro from MonkeyLectric is a new product that is going to add high visibility to you and your ride. The Monkey Light Pro consists of four LED light strips that bolt together and attach to the hub and spokes of your bicycle rims. Using an on-board two-axis accelerometer and four magnets, the system keeps track of speed and rotation direction to display a stabilized image at [...]

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The Siva Cycle Atom is Pedal Power for the World

  Energy spent cycling can get you around and away from it all to places where charging a device might be an issue. With the Siva Cycle Atom bicycle generator you can now capture that energy and turn your pedal power into real, usable power for your devices. The Siva Cycle Atom is a small bicycle generator that securely fastens to the rear wheel axle of your bike. As you pedal, the Atom captures the energy you are expending to ride and stores it in a small battery. When you need a charge, hook your device up to the battery pack and the calories you burned biking are now charging your [...]

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Aluboo is a Sustainable Aluminum and Bamboo Bicycle

  When riders think about racing level custom-made bicycles, their material choices usually do not include bamboo. Boo Bicycles in Fort Collins, Colorado is going to change that with their planet-friendly Aluboo bicycle. Aluboo is a production bicycle and Boo is a completely customizable bicycle that riders can build starting with the frame. Each frame is custom made-to-order and constructed from aluminum and Vietnamese iron bamboo. Riders can then customize their Boo for several different builds depending on their riding habits, anything from city, road, commuter, mountain biking or even racing and cyclocross. If you want to adjust your build later down the road, the Boo is engineered to, "grow with [...]

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Automatic Link Lets Drivers Really Connect with Their Car

  Check It Out or Buy on   To become a more efficient driver and to understand what is going on within your car, you need a way to access the computer on your vehicle. Automatic Labs has your solution, and the connected car adapter takes advantage of the on-board diagnostics data port in most cars since 1996. Automatic Link is a connected car adapter that easily plugs into the data port located right by the driver's left knee. When combined with an app available for both Android and iOS, it communicates with your car and displays valuable data right on your smartphone through a [...]

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Fighter Pilot Turned Biker with the SMART Cycling Helmet

  Health monitoring systems are showing up everywhere and now LifeBEAM is bringing their technology to the cycling world. The SMART cycling helmet uses technology that was born from fighter pilot monitoring systems. It works by utilizing a small sensor at the front of the helmet. The sensor uses optical methods to continually monitor physiological data like heart rate, calories burned, oxygen saturation and other vitals that it sends to a processing unit in the back of the helmet. That data can then be sent wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.0 or ANT+ to a smartphone app, a sports watch or cycling computer in real time. The best part of the SMART helmet [...]

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