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Master Mixology with a MixStik Cocktail Creator

  Anyone can mix up a rum and Coke; it is almost a no-brainer. When it comes to more complicated drinks, like a Manhattan, Cosmopolitan or a B-52, most of us need a little help mixing the perfect cocktail. Before you hire a bartender to make your next gathering a smash, check out MixStik, a lighted guide for mixing just about any cocktail. Using MixStik starts by pairing it with a smart device application over Bluetooth and then calibrating the device to the glass being used for the beverage. Once a recipe is selected on the application, twenty-four LED lights on the MixStik will illuminate indicating pour levels for each ingredient. [...]

Your New Drinking Buddy is Hank the Beer Tank

  Your world is going mobile and your keg fridge is missing out on the fun. If it is going to hang out with you at the next beer drinking gathering, it is going to need a nametag; let's call it, "Hank". Hank the Beer Tank is a portable keg refrigerator that takes draft beer on the road for any event, outing or even food truck. The system uses a multi-voltage AC/DC compressor chiller that can draw power from traditional outlets or automotive receptacles and operates on the equivalent power of a sixty-watt lightbulb. Hank can carry 1/6th barrel or five-gallon Cornelius homebrew kegs with enough space left inside to hold [...]

A Simple Touch Brightens Their Day with Filimin

  We all use non-verbal ways of communicating everyday whether we realize it or not. A simple head nod, a smile and with Filimin, a little light to brighten someone's day. Filimin is a Wi-Fi enabled table lamp that responds to a person's touch, glowing in one color from hundreds of color options. The idea behind Filimin is that when one person touches their lamp, other Filimins in the connected circle of Filimins glows, no matter where the unit is located in the world. With a simple touch, you can let friends and family know that you are free to talk, that you are finally home or that you are thinking [...]

Clean Cup Defunks Beer Pong Balls for Kinder Makes

  Check It Out or Buy on Amazon (Paid Link)   You sink it and they drink it. Those are the rules of beer pong that you have to live by when that filthy dirty ball lands in your cup, making a rough night of Beer Pong harder to swallow. Clean Cup is finally showing beer pong players some of the love that golfers have been enjoying for years, the ability to wash their balls. Clean Cup is very easy to use; just drop the ball in, press a button and in about five seconds the ball is defunked and ready to toss. The unit sprays [...]

iTager Changes the Laser Tag Battlefield Landscape

  If you have some time to kill, grab some friends and head out into the woods for bragging rights in what is sure to change laser tag forever. Move over paintball, here comes iTager. With iTager, players can either use an integrated laser tag rifle or set up their own favorite rifle, like an airsoft gun, as a laser tag weapon. The primary laser in the unit is accurate up to 2,500 feet and is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery giving the unit up to fifty hours of playtime per charge. iTager records headshots through a worn headband alerting the player they have been defeated while also using Wi-Fi [...]

The 3D Pocketcopter Takes Mobile Video to New Heights

  Being able to take high-quality photos and video on our smart phones has changed how we share life's moments. The 3D Pocketcopter mini drone will change that perspective again, this time from a bird's eye view. The 3D Pocketcopter is a small, lightweight and highly portable camera mini drone for capturing high-definition photos and video in both 2- and 3D. The unit uses two rotors that spin in opposite directions giving the copter stability and either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for connecting to a smart device application. Flight controls are performed on the application and are simple enough that you do not need to be a master drone pilot to capture [...]

Ritot Projection Watch is the Next Timepiece Evolution

  First, there were analog watches, then digital. Ritot is the next watch evolution arriving soon and projecting the time or other important information on the wearer's hand. Ritot is a new kind of wristwatch that looks like a bracelet and with a flick of the wrist projects the time on the wearer's hand. Ritot uses a smart device application that allows the wearer to set notifications to be projected including incoming calls, texts, emails, social media, events, weather and others. Projected messages last about ten seconds or can be dismissed by touch or a quick shake and can be set to any of twenty colors through the application. The internal [...]

Never Miss a Skateboard Trick Again with Syrmo

  You just pulled the perfect skateboard trick and no one was around to see it, leaving you with a, "so there I was" story. Syrmo skateboard tracker never misses a trick and is coming along for the ride on your next skate session. Syrmo is a motion tracker that discretely attaches like any riser pad between the deck and truck of your board. It uses Bluetooth to send information to a smartphone application and tracks stats like session time, number of tricks, airtime, pop force, height and distance. The application can then visually represent the data with a 3D rendering of the trick that you can show and share on [...]

TinkerBots Teach Robotics with Easy Building Block Design

  Just about every child is fascinated by robotics however, to use even the simplest introductory set means waiting until they are older. With TinkerBots robotic kit by Kinematics, building a robotic system is now possible for the youngest of engineers, and their parents. TinkerBots is a building block-based robotic kit learning toy that requires no programming knowledge to make moving and usable systems. The main piece of the robotic kit is a red controller block known as the, "Power Brain" containing an Arduino microcontroller along with the battery, a speaker, a gyro sensor and Bluetooth. Other blocks attach to the Power Brain by snapping into place and can do a [...]