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Ion Light Turns Any Room into a Personal Rave

  When I was younger, I had a Lava Lamp for making a lighting mood effect and you can still find them around. The new Ion Light does much more than make visual forms and, I am sure it is just a coincidence; it comes from a company called, "Lava". The Ion Light uses forty multi-color LED lights encased in a durable acrylic tube with capacitive touch aluminum caps to light up your day and enhance the mood. The light can be set to any one of the pre-programmed lighting effects simply by tapping the top cap or by setting the mood through the Ion smartphone application. The app allows users [...]

Get Your Groove On Anywhere with GrooveMaker

  Creating a music bed or loop anywhere at any time just got a lot easier with the introduction of GrooveMaker, an iOS application that gives techno-musicians a portable music mixing studio right on their smart device. GrooveMaker looks like most multi-track music mixing programs at first; once you start using the app, you quickly realize how easy it is to mix a loop. GrooveMaker lets the musician pick from one to eight tracks and using the grid format quickly change up the loop just by moving the blocks in the track to select different grooves of each sound. Each individual block can be manipulated in the pad view changing the [...]

Pocket Drone is Your Personal and Portable Aerial Robot

  Being followed by a drone is probably not something that would excite most of us unless that drone was a Pocket Drone micro-copter. AirDroids is building a personal flying robotic camera platform that will follow you on your adventures. Pocket Drone is a small and lightweight micro-copter that unfolds from a case no larger than a camera bag and is ready to fly in seconds. For its size, the Pocket Drone boasts some amazing performance specifications. It weighs only about one pound yet can carry a payload of up to a half-pound making it perfect for aerial photography. It can fly up to 5000 feet in altitude, has a maximum [...]

Trax GPS Locator Keeps Tabs on Kids and Pets

  Check It Out or Buy on Amazon (Paid Link)   If your pets like to explore on their own and without permission or maybe you just want the peace of mind of knowing where your kids are then a GPS tracker is a perfect solution. You can find the things you care about most with a Trax GPS locator. Trax is a very small one-and-a-half by two-inch GPS locator that can be attached to children, pets or just about anything to determine the exact location within one-and-a-half to three meters. Once the unit is paired to your Trax account through an easy three-step process, each [...]

PowerUp Transforms Paper Airplanes with Flight Control

  Check It Out or Buy on Amazon (Paid Link)   Flight is something most experience at a very young age when that first paper airplane is tossed in the air gliding back to Earth and for that moment in time, magic happened. With the new PowerUp module, your paper airplane stays flying under your inner child's control. PowerUp is a carbon fiber based control and power module for paper airplanes that allows pilots to fly the plane from an iOS smart device. Onboard the controller is a Bluetooth module with a range of about 180 feet providing precision control to turn, bank, dive and climb [...]

Roadie Tuner Makes Tuning a Guitar Quick and Easy

  Check It Out or Buy on Amazon (Paid Link)   When I first started playing acoustic guitar, the most frustrating part was not learning the music, it was trying to tune the guitar. If I had a Roadie guitar tuner back then, I might still be playing. Roadie guitar tuner is a hand-held automatic tuner for acoustic and electric guitars that removes the guesswork beginners feel and the anxiety of snapping strings. Roadie Tuner works primarily through a Bluetooth connection to a smart device application, which is where all the audio processing magic happens. The player can tell the app how many strings are on [...]

Pixelstick Creates Amazing Long-Exposure Light Painting Photos

  I can guarantee you have never had this much fun swinging a six-foot stick around. The new Pixelstick by Bitbanger Labs gives anyone with an interest in light painting a friendly entry point to this self-expressive and evolving medium. Pixelstick is a giant brush for long-exposure photography that makes light painting easier and adds dimension to what can be created. The two three-foot sections assemble into a central bracket that also allows the connection of a lockable or free-spinning handle giving the artist 198 full-color RGB LED lights that they can use to paint the town. Any 198-pixel bitmap image can be loaded to the control panel through an SD [...]

BatteryBot is Serious Mobile Back-Up Power with Character

  Whoever said back-up power supplies had to be boring, dull blocks never bothered to tell Mimoco. Their new MimoPower line in their ever-expanding character based functional toys is BatteryBot, a universal portable charger for mobile devices. BatteryBot is a rechargeable back-up and portable charger power supply encased in a fun and personal toy character-based case. Don't let the toy-like appearance fool you, this is a serious back-up supply housing a minimum 5200 milliamp battery with a five volt output, enough to fully charge most portable devices. BatteryBot charges from a wall outlet or computer connection in about five hours through micro-USB and discharges through USB with attached universal cables. The [...]

Tikker Shows the Time and the Time of Your Life

  Check It Out or Buy on Amazon (Paid Link)   Of all the human obsessions, time ranks near the top of the list and more specifically, how much time do any of us really have. Tikker is a new countdown clock that not only shows you the time of day, it can remind you to have the time of your life. Tikker is a stylish countdown clock that will not only give you the time of day, it will also give you a countdown to your expiration date. Tikker works by filling out a life span type survey, the kind most of us have seen [...]