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HEXO+ Drone Platform is Your Autonomous Camera Person

  The drone market has really taken off in the last few years. For photographers and videographers, the new HEXO+ camera drone is the camera platform that can autonomously act as your filming wingman. HEXO+ is designed to be as intuitive as possible allowing shooters to focus on filming not flying. The drone unpacks from a backpack transportable form with folding legs and frame becoming flight ready in just minutes. Using an Android or iOS smart device, the user can lock the flying drone's camera angle from the live video stream of the mounted GoPro camera and once locked, the drone will autonomously follow the subject at up to forty-five miles [...]

HEXO+ Drone Platform is Your Autonomous Camera Person2016-10-12T08:42:38-06:00

ORA-1 Smart Glasses Combine Augmented Reality with Mobility

  Check It Out or Buy on Amazon (Paid Link)   While it may be true that glasses make you look smarter, making your world smarter with the ORA-1 Smart Glasses platform is a huge step in wearable computing mobility. The ORA-1 Smart Glasses combine augmented reality and a self-contained Android computing platform capable of running apps without being tethered to a smart device. The glasses use two, "Flip-Vu" viewing angles that allow information at-a-glance or a true augmented reality overlaying applications on the wearer's field of vision. Apart from its ability to run Android applications natively, the glasses also contain a nine-axis orientation sensor, GPS, [...]

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Any Wall Becomes an Interactive Tablet with TouchPico

  Pitching a presentation to a room usually requires a laptop and a projector but what you really want is the interactivity of your smart device. Enter TouchPico, a projector that turns any wall into a giant touchscreen display. TouchPico is an Android-based system that can project a streaming application or other content to an 80-inch display size on a wall or table. Content can be streamed from a smart device or through a Wi-Fi connection from a Mac or PC and with built in audio can even be used to project Skype calls. The real magic of TouchPico is in the hand-held stylus that emits an infrared signal that is [...]

Any Wall Becomes an Interactive Tablet with TouchPico2016-10-12T08:42:41-06:00

JIBO Robotic Platform Will Become Part of the Family

  Robotics come in all shapes and sizes and can do just about everything from vacuum your rugs to build a car. JIBO is a lifestyle robotic platform, designed and programmed to help as more of a family personal assistant. JIBO is a hands-free interactive platform that reminds me of the robot, "EVE" from the movie, "WALL-E". JIBO is placed in a central location and uses both facial and voice recognition to assist with things like notifications, messaging, photography and as an avatar for virtual presence. JIBO learns using algorithms to adapt to your life by understanding your preferences and emotive cues to communicate naturally and to be a better companion. [...]

JIBO Robotic Platform Will Become Part of the Family2016-10-12T08:42:41-06:00

Smart-me Monitors Energy Usage and Production

  Knowing how much power the appliances in your home use can help conserve power and save money. Smart-me is a smart plug power monitor that can do much more than trend energy usage. Smart-me plugs into a standard outlet and gives owners the ability to monitor consumption of any device that uses the outlet for power. Setup is as easy as plugging it in and tethering it to a smart device application using your home wireless connection. With the app, owners can monitor power consumption, turn appliances on or off, set timers to power appliances and even monitor temperature from anywhere. Smart-me displays this information in easy to read graphs [...]

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Go Kin Packs Have Redefined the Power Walk

  Going for a power walk usually means heading out for a fitness speed walk. With Go Kin Packs, going for a power walk is literally going for a power walk. Go Kin Packs carry more than just your stuff; they contain a complete power generating and storage system. The packs work by using an internal generator that utilizes two cables attached to the wearer's ankles or shoes producing power as they walk. Generated power is then stored to a lithium-ion battery inside the module. During testing of the system, after just a brisk five-minute walk, the pack contained enough juice for a ten to twenty-five minute phone call. The pack [...]

Go Kin Packs Have Redefined the Power Walk2016-10-12T08:42:44-06:00