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Two Content Versions from One Display with Invisivision

  Picture-in-picture changed the way we watched two shows simultaneously and 3D viewing made sitting around the living room wearing viewing glasses the norm. Invisivision is the next level of entertainment viewing, enabling two different content streams at the same time. Invisivision is two viewing lenses in one that uses passive polarization filters to separate a stereoscopic projection from just one display. In basic terms, when using the standard viewing lenses you will see one version of content and when the other lenses are flipped down, an entirely different content stream is revealed. The glasses require no power being [...]

D-Key Builds a Smarter Version of the Simple Allen Wrench

  I recently learned more than I wanted to know about an Allen wrench including the fact that just by making the wrench more like a key, the tool would generate forty-two percent more torque. D-Key is a new way of thinking about Allen wrenches that puts the tools on your keychain for convenience. The D-Key is only half the size of a long Allen wrench generating almost double the torque of a wrench of the same size. Torque on a typical Allen wrench is limited by the thickness and length of the wrench giving D-Key an advantage providing [...]

Leave Nothing Behind with the Bringrr Tag System

  If you are running late for work or maybe have a very important day ahead, it never fails that your distracted mind will forget something you really need, like a laptop or lunch. The Bringrr item tracker system makes it easy to get out the door with everything you need. The Bringrr system consists of three different Bluetooth Low Energy components that work together so nothing is left behind: a car charger, a smart device app and BringTags. The BringTags come in different colors and affix to objects you need to bring with you. Users of the system [...]

FilterWatch Monitors Airflow Saving Heating and Cooling Costs

  Keeping your furnace running at peak efficiency means making sure a dirty filter is not costing you money. FilterWatch lets you know when the furnace filter needs to be changed, keeping your home warm and your wallet happy. FilterWatch is a small device that attaches to any return or output vent to monitor the airflow drawn through the furnace filter. Once attached, the device takes care of itself; just load up a new furnace filter, hit the start button on the FilterWatch and it will alert you when the airflow drops indicating a dirty filter. The final version [...]

KegVision Keeps an Eye on Your Beer Supply

  If you invite your friends over for a beer and your keg starts to blow foam you are probably not going to hear the end of it anytime soon. KegVision is a keg supplies unit and ensures the barrel in your Kegerator has enough beer for your entire event. KegVision is an in-line sensor that monitors the level of your keg and even estimates the number of pours remaining. The system's fittings attach between the keg and the pour line and the system monitors the flow of beer sending that information wirelessly to a smartphone app from the [...]

Easily Grow Indoors with a Click & Grow Smart Flowerpot System

  Check It Out or Buy on Amazon (Paid Link)   If you like to cook but do not have the space or time to grow your own herbs, Click & Grow is a smart flowerpot solution that fits perfectly on any counter or table. Click & Grow takes the guesswork out of growing a small indoor garden using technology that ensures a plant gets the right amount of water, light, fertilizer and even air on the roots. The Click & Grow system is very easy to use, pop in four batteries, fill the [...]

The Pass It On for Good Card is the Gift of Good Karma

  It may look like a gift card, but it is not, or is it? The Pass It On for Good USB drive card enables the repurposing of old computers to improve the lives of people who might have never even seen a computer before. Pass It On for Good is actually a USB drive card loaded with software that makes it easy to not only repurpose that old computer in the closet but also to protect your information. When that card is inserted into a computer, it will first check the health of the system, compare the specs [...]

Tan Green This Summer with a Solar Tanning Device

  This was an April Fools post!!! Alternative energy power sourcing solutions and portability have finally hit the tanning industry with the Solar Tanning Device, or STD. The technology behind the STD is centuries old. In fact, it was so obvious that some people had an STD and did not even know it. It was finally discovered by two people on a beach who realized, by accident, that the other had an STD. The Technology behind the STD makes them very portable and flexible; you can take them to the pool, the park or even to the bathroom. STDs [...]

Forget Stashing Cash and Keys with PocketBands

  Check It Out or Buy on Amazon (Paid Link)   Sometimes you just need a low-tech solution to not having a pocket like when you are headed to the pool or beach. The PocketBands sports wristband were designed for just that. PocketBands are a stylish and comfortable alternative to tying a key around your neck or stashing your cash in the toe of your shoe in a sports wristband. They are made out of stretchable surgical silicon for durability and comfort and can hold a couple of keys or some cash. They have [...]