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iFocusBand Teaches a Calm Mind for Better Performance

  Achieving focus can improve many activities from a round of golf, better meditation or maybe a more professional business presence. When you are focused, you simply perform better and with an iFocusBand, learning to focus gets a lot easier. iFocusBand is a thin strip containing neurosensors that monitor brainwave activity and provides real-time audible and mobile feedback. The band fits snug into any standard cap or headband and uses three silver oxide sensors that not only make the band comfortable, they also give it an antibacterial component. The band uses three modes to train your brain to be calm and focused including stand-alone functionality with an ear bud for audible [...]

iFocusBand Teaches a Calm Mind for Better Performance2016-10-12T08:42:52-06:00

SensoGlove Helps Golfers Get a Grip Improving Their Game

  Golf is a game that relies on several mechanics all working together for the perfect shot including stance, swing and even grip. SensoGlove gives immediate feedback where the golfer meets the club in the golf glove to grip and rip properly on every swing. SensoGlove uses a lightweight module that digitally monitors grip pressure up to eighty times a second throughout the club swing. The sensors are built into a high-quality cabretta leather golf glove, typical of most golf gloves, and can monitor the pressure of each finger. A quick trip to the driving range will help initially set up the glove with the golfer setting their grip pressure from [...]

SensoGlove Helps Golfers Get a Grip Improving Their Game2016-10-12T08:42:54-06:00

Look and Feel Your Best Using the Smart Diet Scale

  Check It Out or Buy on   The biggest problems with reaching dietary goals are portion control and eating the right foods at every meal. The Smart Diet Food Scale is your personal dietitian, enabling a proper diet for reaching your goals and recovering your self-esteem and confidence. The Smart Diet Scale is a very easy to use nutritional food scale tool that will help balance your diet and achieve your goals. The scale uses four different weighing areas allowing an entire meal to be weighed and recorded at the same time using the microwave and table-safe Smart Diet Plates. Each weighing area is [...]

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iSwimband is a Wearable Water Safety Swim Buddy

  Not everyone can afford a full-time lifeguard for their backyard or even neighborhood pool making close monitoring of persons in the water more important than ever. iSwimband is a water activity companion that could save a life, alerting parents and preventing accidental drowning. iSwimband is a personal water safety system that is designed to prevent accidental drowning for toddlers, children or anyone regardless of swimming ability. The device can be worn as a headband or attached to the wrist of a toddler or someone who is not supposed to be in the water. Sensors on the iSwimband can monitor how long the device is underwater or if the device touches [...]

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Proper Posture Meets Fitness Goals Using a Lumo Lift

  Check It Out or Buy on   Activity trackers usual focus on how much moving a person completes in a day and just as important to your overall well-being is how we sit or stand. Lumo Lift helps maintain proper posture for a more confident appearance while helping to reach daily fitness goals. Lumo Lift is a new type of activity tracker that goes beyond the typical metrics of steps taken and calories burned, it also monitors your upper body posture. Lumo Lift can be attached anywhere on your upper torso, including under other clothing or on a bra strap using a magnetic clasp [...]

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CaddieON Gives Golfers a Caddie on Their Smart Device

  Getting serious about your golf game means keeping accurate score, recording distances, club selection and all kinds of game metrics frustrating the four-some behind you. CaddieON lets you focus on just your game, handling the details for you. CaddieON is a golf toolset that combines a wearable wrist device, a smartphone application and individual club RFID tags to track the details of every shot while on the course. It only takes a minute to set up the system, just insert the tags into the top to the club grip, select the course, power up the wrist device and you are ready to hit the links. The wrist device looks like [...]

CaddieON Gives Golfers a Caddie on Their Smart Device2016-10-12T08:43:05-06:00

Experience Sleeping Scientifically Better with a Withings Aura

  Check It Out or Buy on   Sleep is an important factor in how we perform the next day and our overall health. Several studies have confirmed this fact and now, the Withings Aura is hoping to forever change how we fall asleep and wake up, two important factors for better sleep in a sleep solution. The Withings Aura is a sleep solution system that combines an environmental monitor and a body monitor that work together to provide a better sleeping experience. The environmental monitor uses a combination of LED light and sound to relax you when going to sleep and to wake you [...]

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SunFriend Makes Sunny Days Outside Healthy Again

  Check It Out or Buy on   There is nothing fun about sunburn and the long-term effects of over-exposure can lead to real problems down the road. SunFriend is a new idea for the outdoors giving you just the right amount of healthy sun exposure for skin sun protection. SunFriend is a wearable UVA+B bracelet with technology inspired by NASA making it low power and small while looking stylish. The device works by first setting your skin type based on a scale derived from the World Health Organization giving SunFriend an idea of your sensitivity to the sun. Once set, just attach the device [...]

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Learn Proper Golf Swing Mechanics with a Golf-X-Cube

  Golfers wanting to improve their game through training aids will have no problem finding plenty of options and at every price level. Golf-X-Cube is an inexpensive, portable and reliable low-tech golf swing trainer teaching your body proper swing mechanics. Golf-X-Cube is a golf swing trainer that does not interface with an app and it never requires power, only an inserted tee securing it to the turf. The tool is simply placed between the ball and the feet so that it lines up in the stance with the golfer's eye-line. When in the ready swing position, a golfer will only see the top green cover. With Golf-X-Cubes unique shape, any incorrect [...]

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